Zombies Much?- A test of various filming and editing techniques

I’ve been low on ideas lately, so instead I just decided to take some time to refine my technique.

Its just a guy running around shooting zombies, so don’t get to excited.

Some things I believe turned out well while effects… Not so much. Took about 2 hours to film, about 4-5 hours to edit.

C&C is appreciated.

there is no [video] tag, use [media]

All I can say about the video is written in the youtube description. Some things I like, some things I don’t.

Try to cut off the moments with player’s idle animation maybe and some other unnecessary frames so there will be more uninterrupted action.

uhh… sorry for my english, I hope you understand

Thanks for the tip about the tag. Fixed the op.

My older videos had moments where the player would stand still for like, 10 seconds. So this is an improvement to compared to those, but nonetheless it still needs work. Thanks again for the tip.

Bump. I could use some more feedback here.

Keep the parts with the Players Idle Animation, It adds some suspense.


That only really works if there’s something going on in the background. In this case there wasn’t, so it would have just been a guy standing there leaving viewers to be like “What…?”

Thanks for the advice though.