Zombies/night creatures

I know there are a ton of threads about zombies and keeping them or getting rid of them but here is my take. Like it dislike it flame I don’t care just use more then 10 words so I know you have a brain.

I remember my first day in rust, I had no clue what I was doing. I figured out quickly that I needed to find food, make a fire, make a shelter, and get a door on it ASAP. Having NO CLUE what I was doing I made a shelter just before night and turned my fire on because someone had told me that if you get too cold you die. I was already nervous about not being able to see anything in front of my face unless my fire was on so when I heard something outside my door I panicked. I quickly shut off the fire and donned my hatchet that I had just finished crafting. ( yes me and my rock were beating trees to death till that point ) I heard banging on my wood door and quickly realized someone was coming to kill me. Quickly I opened the door and swung twice at my attacker before shutting the door. Instead of backing off he continued to bang at my door. I opened again and this time he ran inside. I shut he door and started hacking away at his naked body while he did he same to mine. I won the battle and claimed his wood and food for my own. My heart was racing so much that I had to get up and walk around.

This is what I think should be an npc experience. Make it something to fear. Give people a reason to need to build something wih security and allow npcs to break things. I think honestly to build a home then have a walking dead experience where 15 walkers come banging on your door and walls would give this game a reason to have some sort of teamwork rather then kill on sight all the time. Of course there would be he same kill on sight issues but at least people could have a reason to attemp to trust one another even if only for the night.

Ive craved a zombie apocalypse for a long time just to add thrill to life. Don’t judge :stuck_out_tongue:

lol why cant i stop laughing about this

I think the Zombies (or whatever they replace them with) should be able to break wooden doors and walls also but it should be in groups, not just one zombie banging on your door or wall. That would be to easy.

hey i’m the person who hates scary movies and actually leaves lights on if I watch them too late

Thats exactly what I mean. Give the AI a way to track people and maybe a special type who can break a wall. Imagine the surprise when your crafting and made too much noise only to cause a beastly NPC to come looking for blood. The excitement that this would bring!

After a 10 hr night shift, im still dying from laughter

Fox News:
“Man dies from heart attack after getting raided in the online video game Rust, Raiders charged with murder”