Zombies or No Zombies

So I’ve seen that rust are probably going to remove the zombies,
why remove zombies? wouldn’t rust be like Cod/Battlefield With base building?
just wanting to see peoples views on removing zombies

Yes or No!

Personally i think removing zombies is a bad idea,
unless something can replace the zombies, someone posted about dinosaurs,
might be a good idea or maybe some sort of creatures from nightmares?
Or maybe some mutant race, like zombies but not zombies ? idk

(Sorry if this is a duplicated post, i didn’t see any others)

id rather keep them, or just find something else that is hostile and drops loot

Yes,its an duplicated Post.Their are many Discussions about that.
Sorry,i cant see this ,Zombie or no Zombie, Discussion anymore

its not just a zombie or no zombie post, im suggesting my ideas and pointing my view on this topic.

i thought the dinosaurs were a joke, but if people are being serious, how can you have M4’s in dinosaur age?

Because this isn’t a zombie game, and it can’t be called a zombie game without zombies. zombies are also too generic and used way to much in games these days.

The devs are sorta going for a stalker feel so they are probably going to add like mutant monsters in, but who knows what they have planned.

i say put the evil archnids from start ship troopers in this game that would be fun

How can you have humans in Dinosaur age? The levels of carbon dioxide would be lethal to humans. I’d rather go with Zombies, Cannibals or Mutants. Mutants and Zombies would make more sense to the abandoned radiated areas.

Zombies are certainly a thrilling and scary experience, unlike in Half-Life 2.

I don’t see a problem with them, perhaps even a combination of these and NPC bandits/soldiers. A computer faction would unite players more in a common cause and perhaps promote more team work than the current lackluster systems discouraging any form of player coordination with strangers.

I think there needs to be something like zombies that drops good loot or finding things can get kinda hard. So i think instead of having 3 kinds of zombies have one that runs same speed takes like 3-4 shots to kill. Also give them a 40-50% chance to make you bleed also dealing 15-20 damage. But the reason why i think that zombies should stay is it just adds a little more challenge to raiding rad towns an a great way to get loot. So yes keep them! :slight_smile:

well mutants are kinda like zombies, if they are humans turned into mutants and its exactly the same just stick a new skin on it and ur done, but some nice ideas and opinions here

Jurassic Park.

When I first read about Rust I was told it was a zombie survival game. Why stray from what made the game what it is today?

They look pretty stupid. But however I really enjoy walking around farming and always having to look behind my back and see if someone will try to snipe me.

Zombies feel like its a copycat of DayZ and it doesn’t need to be. It could be so many more exciting creature types. Could be aliens for example.

Garry makes a point of wanting to be different, I’d say he’s trying to make the game not seem like another copy of DayZ and all those games which followed in their stride.

If only zombies were attracted to gunfire like they did in DayZ, oh my, that enhances the survival aspect with strict gun control and being aware of your environment.

Maybe AI (Bandits) who are programmed to only kill people who are fully clothed? or something like that and make them very rare to come across or put them in the desert area of the map that is not being used.(the areas that you have to walk literally an hour to get to) That would give a purpose for the desert part of the map. Honestly I dont’t mind the zombies but if they are removed the should not be replaced by dinosaurs that would be the dumbest idea ever.

put there my idea again, but “BOT” should be a great idea to replace them in some city or just in one area like a “robotec laboratory” .