Zombies replacement today?

According to the notes on Trello, Zombies are due to be replaced today at 11PM GMT, I’m sorry if this question has been asked before, but do we know if they are being replaced if not what’s replacing the space left by them. PVP alone would not satisfy the map/game for me currently. (things can obviously change a lot in Alpha)


Yo, I see that “remove zombies” is still under the “gameplay” section. They’ll only be removed when this card moves from “gameplay” to “next version”.

good to know.

Just because the card is due, that doesn’t mean

a) that the deadline will be met,

b) that an update to Rust will be pushed out at the due time even if everything is ahead of schedule.

To be fair, if you don’t understand the notion of sprints in software development and methodology, Trello is a bit of a bewildering interface that doesn’t clearly communicate what it’s representing.

Okay thanks for the reply.

what do you think the new " Zombie " will be?

They’re being changed to mutants to edge away from being too similar to Dayz.

Actually, they clearly stated that they do NOT want to reskin them as mutants, since RUST is (quote)

“No longer a DayZ clone”.

About the only thing that makes sense is NPC Bandits.

Not sure where you’re getting your information from. By “mutants” I’m pretty sure we’re referring to mutated animals and whatnot - which is not even close to DayZ.

For example, take a gander at one of the developers posts on the Facepunch website - linked here

Hehehehehee, in steps the … “Patrol Heli” … hehehehehee

I read on steam that they wanted to change them to mutants. It would fit in to the nuclear wasteland theme.

From the status repport by Gerry

"Helk was meant to remove Zombies before we released on Steam. That never happened. The sooner we remove them the less people will miss them.

We don’t know whether we’re actually going to have to replace them further down the line. It’s not something we want to rush into. Reskinning them so they’re ‘mutants’ instead of ‘zombies’ goes against the whole point of removing them in the first place (which is: we’re not a dayz clone anymore)."

Pretty sure he was talking about mutated humans, not wildlife.

Yes, and OP was refering to Zombies being removed today, andAzkur stated they would be replaced with Mutants, which I pointed out that they wont. There was never any discusssion about mutated wildlife from my part.

I have no problem with mutated wildlife, it would fit just fine into the general theme, it was the replacing Zombies with Mutants I contradiccted :slight_smile:

So basicly, we agree :slight_smile:

Never meant any hostility :slight_smile:

Imagine ur naked in the jungle… just looking for a pile of wood to build a shelter ( at full night ) holding your torch when you see this beast far away with red eyes staring at you making some scary noises.

Oh god.

Add more animals + wild animals + flora at day.
Add scary animals at night + more SOUNDS + maybe some flying animals.

I sincerely hope that’s the route they take.

That would be awesome. And I want Dropbears!



current “zombie” = goodie dispenser
if they find a good way to dispense the goodies, they will add the new one and remove the zombies
about hostiles and animals they got few concepts like the fluffy chickens and the mutated reindeer with glowstick antles