Zombies running


I knew I shouldn’t have posted that.

The lack of grass makes this look horrible, atleast put in some foliage next time.

A bit boring, but it was okay.

a bit? Your being nice.

You are not allowed in my threads, get the fuck out with your hatin’

I apologise but seeing a bland picture with so much empty space, ugly ground and instead of a sky, a plain white sheet of nothingness, it’s really difficult to not reply

That’s the point


No fair :frown:
I want to see the picture Zeraxify

I want to see it. :saddowns:

I too wanna see the picture.

Dude, enough with your buzzkill. Out.

Don’t be such a fucking pussy. Put the pic back up.

He’s banned, I highly doubt he can.

Oh right. Didn’t see. I am blind. Blind I tell you.

I demand the picture up!!
doesn’t matter if it sucks, it’s not like your gonna fucking die if it does

nevermind he’s banned

Who cares? If he doesn’t put it back up, he’s a pussy. :v:

bro i wanna look at it D: