Zombies should stay or not? (With voting)

I don’t think that everyone hate the zombies, thats why i’m doing a vote, maybe there won’t be so much zombie haters

zombies are too generic and overdone these days, the game needs new stuff.

Too many zombie games, should remove them.

Already been stated several times that Zombies are getting removed. Kinda pointless putting a poll up.

every second survival Game is a Zombie Survival.
Type Survival Games on Google and you only read ,Zombie,

Rust is an Postapocalyptic Game.Remove Zombies.

If i wanna kill Zombies i would play Resident Evil or else

it’s not necessary to remove the Zombies,we can create other new staff not replacing them.Zombies don’t collide with the new staff,they could be coexistent.

dont remove them please!!! just make them a more rare. it gives a little more tension when moving in the dark!

Zombies are being replaced, not just removed. There will be different NPCs.

Remove them and add somthing else. Like mutants.


Come on guys seriously…No zombies wtf??

I want them replaced with other type of NPC’s. Maybe bandits or survivors or something.