Zombies to Leagacy

Dear Facepunch we the people of rust would like to have zombies and mutants animals in together to i will make a petition to sign for Rust Leagacy to have Zombies back possibly a new gun too

Comment you FacePunch Id to sign up:quagmire

(User was banned for this post ("Crap thread, spell properly" - postal))

you’re just wasting time, legacy will never ever be worked on again, new items will never ever be made, Zombies will never ever come back. All work on Legacy has ceased and will never ever ever ever ever be worked on again. Ever.

clearly u dont want better stuff than before Girl

The reason ***Leagacy ***was ditched is because it was a bad piece of work (the code), the new Rust is superior in every sense. They will add hostile animals other than the current, it’s in their mindmap.

You should read what you just said. At least 50 times.

Don’t talk on behalf of a community you are no part of.

when did this survey happen?

-automerge omg-

while i don’t care for zombies or mutant animals as they were. we do need some pve challenges besides getting recipes making a home and trying to enjoy it for what little time we have before the next patch.