Zombies versus US Marines in the middle east of a middle eastern desert.


Was intended to be serious but I fucked it so much I just can’t be arsed anymore. :france:

okay basically this is cool as fuk

I think I might’ve shat bricks…
Nice picture man.

If Modern Warfare 3 had a zombies mode, it might be something like this.

Nice work with the pose.

duplicates, duplicates everywhere

I don’t rate much but this is actually pretty awesome.

There’s something, however, distracting going on with the backdrop though. I’m not entirely sure why…maybe something to do with the edges between the white area and night sky.

that style rocks

You always seem to get an awesome atmosphere.

Weird background full of brush traces.

bubbagamer you’re fucking awesome and thanks for the new background pic.

Ugly as fuck grass on the foreground.

what’s up with all that dark stuff on the upper left?

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i honestly can’t tell what it’s supposed to resemble

I think it’s the gamma settings or whatever it’s called(garry removed it from garry’s mod), it messes up the textures in l4d maps.


Oh i thought you meant the sky.

Jesus christ how did I not spot such a mess. Well cba fixing it now.

Awesome atmosphere. I also like the guys in fog.
I think my com can’t hold much of these models.