Zombies VS. Blu Team (W.I.P)

So I have a small, undeveloped story for TF2 about how a Medic turns all of Red Team into Zombies to fight Blu Team.

With a good skin for an evil Medic and Zombie TF2 Skins, I went to work.
I’ve been using a replica of the Meet The Medic set as the map.

So far I only have two scenes finished. When I’m done, It should look like a large battlefield.

Who needs a Knife?

Origin of the Unarmed Combat

Tell me what you think :smiley: Comments, Constructive Criticism and Help is greatly appreciated :3 But if you right out insult my work, It will be ignored. Your trolling is pointless.

Also make suggestions about other Scenes you’d like to see! I’m obviously not a pro poser, but I’ll do my best.

If I get enough requests for the sources of the Map and other resources, I’ll post them too.

Too dark, pretty boring.

How do you suggest I make it better?

Add lighting.

JPG quality to 100, turn up your graphics, also like the others are saying, light it up. But I’m liking the Scout & Spy one.

HORRIBLE JPG Compression, no finger posing, bad face posing, and some eh posing.

Turn your graphics settings up for the love of god.

Posing is fairly decent but the angles are fairly bland and empty, try taking several shots from different angles and see which one seems the best.