Zombie's Weapons.

No,i dont want
Zombise Weapons 1.1,
it sucks and it doesnt work.

(i tested them,they trowing lua errors)
Please make the viewmodels of Zombie Survival
into sweps of Classic Gmod.
beg u guys :frowning:

I just want the classic zombie,and fast zombie
the fast zombie ,i would like him to like triple jump in air,
and can swing at stuff
and the classic zombie,maybe it could make u slower?

like,the classic zombie is really slow
so it could make u slow
and maybe , they could make sounds
i found a tutorial of making a swep with sounds but i dont know how cause i just dont do lua
plz guys…

(User was banned for this post ("Please speak English and stop bumping your own thread" - mahalis))

reply plz


your way to demanding.

dude,i just need meele sweps
i would make them if i had a tutorial
i want them to emit sounds,and do the jumping as fast zombie…
i just want the zombie’s weapons,
fast zombie and normal
i wuld be really happy if u did it.

you should goto the gmod.wiki and lookup some codes and work on it yourself.

And use Proper English, Like this, I mean… You can’t even really read it, no offense

~P90 Man

seriously if its a requests section,
its because im too lazy to learn lua.
so please,could you just make them?
(and dont upload on www.garrysmod.org)

In the requests section not everyone will just make it out of kindness, i know im willing to make anything but i just dont see why, Plus i dont know modeling, so i cant animate anything… Not unless i steal the v_models from Zombie Panic Source, now if i did that, i would need permission, and to credit them, until that happens i cant make it.

redead models perhaps
or maybe zombie survival models :slight_smile:
(sorry 4 bad spelling,english is not my main language)
also u dont need to animate
you could make the swpes

Come to think of it, zombie panic source is a free mod, so its contents are redistributable as long as you dont make people pay for it… Ill get back to you, and stop begging, it makes you look wierd. No offence



I’m suprised you made that for him, but that’s pretty damn awesome.
1 suggestion though, can you change the ‘hit’ texture to that of a manhack’s? That’s what they did in ZPS


Sadly i cant, util.Decal or util.Effect wont let me use custom decals.

Aw. Oh well, it works great and now I can kill Minges zombie-style :smiley:

now i just need 2 download the zombie playermodels and im done


also alfie,that wasnt a manhack texture,
it was a random hit texture the ZPS crew made
like a fist thingie,
not a manhack decal.
just telling you,thank you Wizey

No problem, Glad i can help.

Oh okay, but it’s similar to the manhack’s hit texture anyway.
Deson’t matter, it’s awesome :3