Zombies ¿What we can do?

Well, i bee looking for alot of users don’t like Zombies and others do like them.

So i came out with this idea of adding a new Var to the server config
Something like: infection.mode false (1/0) or Zombies.mode false

So this would allow Server Owners to choose what type of Gameplay they want for their users.

Leave some comments about what you think. Let me know if you have other idea, let’s help to solve this minor problem.

At least it’s better than removing it for good. I mean, maybe 30-40% (or higher ) of us bought rust because of the zombie survival thingy I think.

The developers are definitely removing them, it’s on the TODO list.

This is a survival MMO, not another zombie game. Rust really has nothing to do with zombies.

But it would be cool to get a different NPC that dropped the same kinds of loot (soldiers, bandits, natives, ect).

If you ask me there should be way more zombies and they should be a little harder …

Right now you just run around looking for zombies … and when you finally find one it’s one bullet in the head and that’s it … boring … but they do have nice loot though …

I enjoy the zombies, it’s good to get your aim better, get loot and have fun at the same time.

I really don’t see the point of removing that. There are alot of low populated servers, and atleast the zombies give you something to do. ("move to a populated server: No, it’s not fun to join a server as a loner to get shot at and can’t do anything)

Wouldn’t surprise me if there will be a mod.

And if they didn’t want to make it a zombie game, then they shouldn’t have created it in the first place.

The game isnt about Zombies though, this isnt supposed to be a zombie survival game. They’re just placeholders for some other threat.

That’s one of the first things I read about Rust before I bought it: zombies will be removed. The sooner the better. If someone bought it because of the zombies I feel sorry but you should have informed you before buying an alpha.

Yes, i do belive that removing them is way better thant leaving them on the code. But im sure a few Mods Developers will try to bring them back as a Mod. Something like Infection Mode for servers that love Zombies.

Thanks for your comments, it’s important to hear from players what are their opinions.

Hate to break it to you, but… [Link]

Zombies have already been removed and another way to dispense goodies implemented.

Though I’m sure the devs have preserved the assets, so you could always toss this in as a suggestion.

I was perusing the Trello site about 20 minutes ago, and when I clicked on the Remove Zombies card, I saw it being updated in real time, Four of five of the tasks were checked completed as I watched! Farewell Zombies! I’m sure you’ll find a home in one of the hundreds of other zombie games!

Hehe i know, i get the daily updates on my Email. I just wanted to know some players opinions. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not a zombie game. It hasn’t been a zombie game since long before the release on Steam. Zombies were supposed to be removed before the release on Steam. Zombies were a placeholder, and they’re being removed because Facepunch is tired of people calling Rust a zombie survival game. If you wanted zombies, you should have done your research and bought a different game.

I would think it’s great when something new is tried.

For example ghouls who have separated themselves from the healthy people and life in primitive hut, or ruins.
The look maybe slightly mystical and inspired by indians with glowing eyes at night.

Maybe friendly at day, evil at night.
With caravans roam through the forests during the day