I want a good working lag free addon including these things.

  1. I want dead bodies to be able to be zombified by headcrabs (non keep corpses please)

  2. I want it to work with Combine and turn them into Zombines with normal headcrab.

  3. I would not like you to just give me a link to this http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=18174

  4. I would also like headcrabs to do this on non-dead bodies if they are an npc is at low health (not combine they got suits)

  5. When Zombines are being made it takes atleast 20 seconds until the zombine is spawned and mobile.

  6. When Zombies are being made it takes 5 seconds until zombie is spawned and mobile.

  7. When Fast Zombies are being made it takes 10 seconds until fast zombie is spawned and mobile.

  8. When Poison Zombies are being made it takes 25 seconds until it is spawned and mobile.

9.Optional: I want headcrabs to be able to turn dead bodies into little hives that give birth the more headcrabs and for this to happen 2 headcrabs have to gather at the dead body and transform it into a hive.(only dead bodies not living 1s with low life.)

  1. When dead bodies are being transformed i want the headcrab to be in view so you can stop the transformation.

  2. When headcrab is done transforming dead body into zombie headcrab should disapear (its on the zombie.)

  3. Poison Zombies take 3 poison headcrabs transform (unless you know a way to decrease amount of headcrabs on them.)

Thats about all i want for this addon. Please just don’t say that its a terrible idea and it would never work please put some positive comments.

That’s like, video game coding.
That’s a lot to ask for.

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non keep corpses? then they’re not physics, they’re gibs that disappear.

I’m saying that it auto make them drop phys bodies without keep corpses on because keep corpses wont work on my listen server.

And i have seen harder things made in lua.

It sounds good though. If I may make a suggestion, how about you have the poison zombie spawn like any other, but the additional headcrabs spawn a few seconds after? After all, apparantly poison zombies can act as carriers for their eggs…I think.