Please rate this screenshot on a scale of 9 to 10 thank you.



Lol suit zombie appears to be either levitating or standing on his heels.

Other then that, 9/10.

No that was intentional.

There are no unintentional flaws in my work.

Pssh, I can tell that the woman was dead inside even before she became a zombie.

They’re practicing for the annual Thriller Fest.

They still have alot of practicing ahead of them.

I love it bad ass.

i give a 1 out of 0 :smile:

Wow this has a sweet atmosphere. Cool models too.
Nice work brah!

Where were the models ported from?
They look awesome. :smiley:

I’ll give you a 10

nice to see some classic zombies. with arms out front and all.

Damn it, I was gonna ask that. But the likelyhood is, these are in beta. If they were just private, Dean wouldn’t be showing them now, would he?

Hmmmm… Where’s Stubbs the Zombie?

  1. The girl zombie is pretty hot, I’d fuck her.