zombiesurvival damage not kills

can someone help me change my zs to damage not kills so you don’t have to do kills you od damage to get more guns … i whould really like that :slight_smile:

Server: EpideMic Servers|Zombie Survival infection 1.7<<<<down for the sec well doing new gamemodes but still trying to find the damage not kills thing

What i’ve done: What did i do for the server? Well i’ve added new melee weapons i am editing the zombie survival 1.11 (most server i guess edit that)

Reward:Server Owner on OUR server and ya…

also this is a help and a request

It’s called zombie survival is shit, you camp in a corner and as soon as fast zombies are unlocked the survivors become fucked

Zombie Survival version one-point-ANYTHING?

Holy crap.

zombie surival 1.11 zombiesurvival infection 1.7 is made up like zombie outrage 1.4 or someting

Zombie Outrage 2.0 >.>

Zombie survival already has damage built into it. At the end of each game it displays the “top damage to undead”. It’s just a matter of changing kills to damage. It shouldn’t be too hard to do. BTW, most servers have coverted to zs 2.01, or at least took some features and added it to their gamemode. Examples: DiG - added melee weapons and the owen’s handgun from 2.01; Exciled - Added melee weapons from 2.01 and a time before the match starts (wave zero); Mr.Green - added player collisions and zombie gases.


Hi Sadistic Slayer

I already have the new melee weapons those are easy too add…


im guessing i have to change it in the init.lua because init.lua,shared.lua and cl_init are the 3 basic things you need to start the gamemode…

The only reason Sadistic’s was harder to add, was because he fixed the retarded tracer bullet.

I don’t use bullets for melee weapons.


I think he meant the client-side bullet decal that appears wherever you’re looking at when you attack with a melee weapon on zs 2.01. This doesn’t mean the weapon actually hits what you’re looking at. You know when the weapon hits something, because it will emit the weapon’s hit sound. When you’re too far away, it emits the miss/swing sound.

They use bullets to check if they should be applying damage or something like that, I’m not kidding.


Yeah. That was pretty genius on Jet’s part.

First thing I fixed was bullet usage.

Especially the clientside bullet decal wherever you aimed when you swung.

oh k…lol

still need some help