Zombiesurvival- did it disapear?

Back when I played GMod frequently, ZS was always my favorite gamemode and the staple for online play for me. Recently I’ve picked up GMod again, but I saw no ZS servers running. I recall there being about 4 dedicated servers last time I was on. Did it disappear or am I just dumb/blind?

Oh they’re there, quite active actually…



…and so on!

Zombie Survival has become a bit of a monopoly; only big servers stay up now.

MrGreen, NoxNet (of course), GU, and StonedPotatoes I think are the big four ones now. It’s been a while since I’ve last checked myself.

(I’ve been working on my own build of ZS. :ssh:)

That’s my favourite, has a damage system and loads of weapons.