ZombieSurvival EU Server redirect

I’ve noticed a zombie survival server redirect being hosted in Europe to forward clients to a server in Canada.
It’s taking population away from ZS servers genuinely hosted in Europe.


Redirecting traffic to:

I noticed on the european zombie survival browser list there’s a server called noxious that has multiple servers in that gamemode, but these servers are faking players, seemingly importing them from their actual server on the list, when you join it redirects you to their server which is actually somewhere in the US, this has terrible ping and causes terrible gameplay, but they are fooling the browser to look full.

Is there any way we can get this fixed so that it doesn’t show fake ping and fake players on these redirect servers? It seems similar to what aero servers were doing not long ago and that seemed to not be allowed.

TLDR: Server faking player-count and redirects you to another server with shit ping, fooling players into having a bad player experience.

Images to demonstrate what I mean:

Browser view of the servers faking playercount:

The actual IP:

The actual ping:

So they are using fake queries in order to redirect players to a server, whilst faking their ping?

I’d say this should probably be looked into (?), although maybe this isn’t as bad as what AERO-servers were doing, this still should be against what is fair, so rules should be applied to them to fix it likewise.

Perhaps a moderator can help with this?