ZombieSurvival (ZSurvival in a different way)

Hey there guys, recently I decided to work on a new gamemode after I put a thread asking if people would want a Extreme type ZSurvival so I went ahead and did some work. This gamemode will be small with content but if popularity grows so will the content. It’s using default weapons(CS:S) as of now and Default Playermodels.

As of now I have finished:

Features that’ll probably be changed:
-Zombies(They tend to lag the server so every 5 min they are removed from the map if theres more than 30)
-Guns(Probably more custom guns then anything)
-VGUI(Looks like shit so far so yeah that should be changed)

Whats going to be finished:
-VGUI (Turns out I am going to add it :V)
-Experience system(Somewhat done)
-Stamina Leveling system(You’ll be doing a lot of running!)
-Custom chatbox(Simply very near done.)

Problems with:
-Inventory(Just seems to be a confusing thing for me, it works somewhat but when mixed with vgui it’s fucked up and I suck at args…)

Heres some screenies :3


New Intro

When near death your screen will throb a lighter red to darker red, your weapon will fall from your hands (Only when health is below 10hp) and your HUD will indicate “Bleeding out” in a flashing red color. Yes you do bleed out from having your health below 20, but not super fast. Also with hunger you do NOT die instantly you slowly start to die from your hunger meter being at “full” level.

The hunger meter sorta got cut out too from playing in windowed mode, sorry… I’ll try to get more shots later.

Thanks for looking guys, this is somewhat alpha nearing beta fast. There is no hosting being done this far except for local testing.** REMEMBER, this isn’t the final product.**

looks … intersting

Okay so a massive update today.

-Finished the update bar(it now scrolls across the screen)
-Completely redid the vgui but it’s not near done yet.
-Redid the announcement system
-Working on a character creation system

Dat iPhone.

Looking good so far, but the VGUI is kinda… Meh.
But it’s obviously a work in progress. Keep up the great work.

Looking good sr far for a base. My suggetions are

-Snpc zombies(They look better then hl2 zombies and gives you that survival feeling)
-Better VGUI(No explination needed)

but its looking good so far
good luck

You sure are good at passing tests! And on topic, whats the deal with the lines behind the “Scoreboard” text in the first picture?

It was a drawing issue, it’s fixed now, the panel was interfering with the color.

All the GUI looks like shit

It’s going to be redone.

Ah well as kind of noticed by the delay in posts I delayed this project, it probably won’t be touched for a while, I plan on completely rewriting the gamemode too because I work on side-projects often and I learned a bunch of new stuff and I’d like to continue to learn until I’m ready to create everything needed to put this up.