zombiesurvival_bit RELEASE

Putting the map down again,

sorry for the inconvience

  1. Don’t sign your posts, we know who you are.
  2. Never use brush based lettering, make a texture instead.
  3. The map doesn’t look right. Like how there is blood splatter, but no reason for it. There is a handy lamppost placed right where the car has crashed into it. Why is the car there, why is the lamppost there?
  4. Apart from the crashed car, there are no other cars on the roads. Why is it so empty.
  5. The map is too clean, too empty. There is no trash, no dirt. Zombies have invaded, but there is no sign of decay or panic. You have untouched panes of glass at ground level, yet ones up high are boarded up. Lower ones should be boarded and broken, higher panes should be more intact.
  6. Textures have been improperly used in places. You have a floor texture on the balcony supports for example.

he took down the post but google luckily had images from the op’s original post

It doesn’t look that bad honestly, just work on your texturing a bit and get things a tad better, atleast you got the fog and the lighting decent, most people can’t get that.