Zombified Facepunch

I’m making a skin pack where i turn any facepunch member that wants to be one into a zombie. yes it will be hexed when i’m done. If you want me to remove yours or want yours added just pm me or post on the thread

List of Public Infected

Necrotic Fever
Let’s groove
The Vman

Ask if you want to be added or removed from the list




These look pretty cool. Keep up the good work!

This reminds me of a thread i made a couple of years back, where i did zombie skins for people.

Nice skins, the blood very odd on the second one thou.

The skin tone is too white also.

Looks like the only one you put effort into was yours.

Well i made my own a really long time ago so that’s why its finished. The others are not

Well, I would ask for you to make mine.

But my Personal Model aint released :3

Wait a bit on mine, I may be making a new one



I’d say yes but A) I think all of your skins look like shit and filterape had kids. And B) I don’t have a personal skin.

Add more fabric cuts. Make it seem logical. If you were a zombie and had the taste of human flesh, would you be all dirty? Would your hands be bloody from digging into human flesh? If your hands were bloody, would your sleeves be, too? Maybe you would be shot, but not die. Take a look at my totally super awesome zombie skin I did the other day and how awesome it looks. :v:

Dammit dean why do you gotta be such a good skinner >:(

Use more blood brushes instead of like using the burn tool on everything. Filters aren’t necessarily a bad thing, either; as long as you use them correctly. There’s a nice Photoshop filter series called Machine Wash that’s really kick ass at making things look dirty, cracked, or whatever.

I would love if you made me a “bunny zombie.”

do not want irl @_@

Machine Wash? Do show.

hehe nice

Search for blood, splatter, grim, grunge, decay and dirt.

Thanks spartan i’ll keep that in mind

No problem. ^^

I will admit, your getting better.


There’s literally like 100 different kind of overlays like acid camo, dirty and crackled, and you can change the settings in the filter. Unfortunately, Machine Wash costs a bit of cash. Might be worth it if you do this kind of work all the time.

you should help him on this