Zombified World

Does anyone know where i can download the Zombified World mod?, I’m trying to host it for my server but i can’t find it.

that’s cause it was never released. and it probably never will be.

It was released after WinSauceStudios got hacked and defamed by “conna” (nobody knows who it really was)

Has all of Fizzadars/WinSauceStudios work that they released to the GMod community.
You will have to dig through archived forum posts to find the .sql data, or reverse engineer from the code, if you’re smart enough. You also will need the old mysql module, which doesn’t have an active download link, so you will have to recode the gamemode to accept tmysql or mysqllo, or search the web for a download of it, or find someone who still has a copy of it lying around.

Good luck.