Zombine Elite *Hexed*

My Custom Hexed Combine Zombine Elite Skin.

Sorry but im lazy to rescale images.


Wrong section.

Should’ve put it in releases

I didnt know.

It’s not even that good, to be honest. Combine elite don’t have the same lower body as normal soldiers.

Its vest straps are white.


This picture claims that the OP’s skin sucks.

good job, looks cool
although you should have used actual elite model and did stuff with that instead

What an old idea.

This has been done a million times.

And those millions succeeded? No they didn’t. Most are just inflated with headcrabs on them, and some are just skins like this. Stop exaggerating.

Unless someone is better or this person could headhack the zombine onto the elite, adding in some blood from the zombine. Maybe we could have ourselves something, as for now- this will do.

you would have to do the hands aswell

by the way do the zombies use the same skeleton as the rest of valves bipedal things? (excluding tf2)

how do you put links like that? like a bar it shows the whole file size and everything

When you upload something to garrysmod.org you get a code for posting it on forums, but this only works with files from garrysmod.org. Other hosts have similar features but they are not exactly the same.

John, if you notice that the zombine has wounds ALL OVER HIS BODY so his legs/skin puff up like a puffer fish. and if you notice that the boots like tight as hell to gt off and on because they are leather boots that are for women not men :open_mouth:


NINJADIT: The skin is for the combine soldier zombine to look like the elite but hexed

if your going to do a zombine

1- if its elite then dont reskin the zombine actualy add zombie features to the elite model

2- if you can only skin then make the nova/shotgun elite