Zombine Gunner 2008!

It’s finally back! Made by me, the original creator of Zombine Gunner.

This is the WORKING version made by me, it ADDS (Does not replace anything) my NPCs to your GMod. Since the old version doesn’t work with GMod 11.

Enhaced AI
Uriah NPC
Fassassin NPC
Enemies now hide for reloading.
Zombines Gunners can now throw grenades.
Different from others’ fassassins, this new fassassin runs, kicks you, and throws bullets at you.

Bug report:

KXT (AI Enhace)
LordTride (Models)
Valve (Textures’n’Models)
MenteR (NPCs)

The zombines are going to attack in packs, citizens are going to hide from their bullets if unarmed. Unarmed female assassins will run at you and kick you to death, armed female assassin will follow you and… Shoot you to death.


Please download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=32861

Comment and rate!

Nice one Menter, good work at Fassasin



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Uhm, yeah. I’m totally with you.

Wait, you seriously deserve a report.


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Splendid work boss. I shall work on the Gman with great care.

just tried this out. It’s good, but you did not include the combine assassin in the pack. it is just an error when you spawn it.

same here maxx

Ohh, I forgot to mention the download link. You can get the models here, the NPC will not work properly just as mine, though:


Thanks, I needed a better assassin NPC!Plus the Zombine Gunner, now you’ve completed my zombie collection!

Lua King’d.

lol i downloaded another and it worked perfectly :smiley:

Odd, you must have downloaded the enhaced AI then.

cool nice pack

where do you extract it to?

The female assassin is really weird. When I spawn her with a gun, the gun is in her crotch. When she doesn’t have a gun, she doesn’t run, or “throw bullets”. It does kick if you get near it though. Zombie Gunners are cool, and Uriah is cool. Although, he is just a vortigaunt using the Uriah model.

For some reason, I think she’s doing it wrong.

But hey! This mod looks amazing! I’ll consider checking it out.

Where did you get the panther eye NPC

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fucking dumbass!

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