Zombine rips his headcrab off

“bugger off you knob”


Cool beans.

Aaaaahhh AIR…

He forgot his skull what an idiot

oh headCRAB whoops



But Dat Contrast.

looks more awful than it may be intended. I like it.

the fuck you say nigga

Yo ain’t gonna call me nigga, motherfucka’, ma’ grandma’ waz white, nigga.

:cop: Calm down sir

This is really original and well executed. Loving the blood and spittle.

That’s gonna hurt.

I lol’d

i actually kinda find this interesting because ive never seen what the head looks like after being ingested/digested by the crab… not to mention its a specially-modified combine-version head

There is no head.

There’s one in the pic… but yeah - not when you shoot them off in the game

… or have i just not played for too long?

the spittle looks nice, but the contrast… oh god…

thats pretty fuckin neato