Zombine Texture Missing

Well, i bought the Hl2 Episode 2 and of course there is the zombine with all the textures but in gmod i only see the headcrab ad the body is with the black and purple squares xD… D:


Well, have you finished downloading EP2? Have you updated it? ** Have you played it once? ** Is it mounted in gmod?

Any of these could be the cause. Just check. You can see normally the headcrab because it’s a default HL2 model

Also, fix the link leading to your steam profile, just to be sure you aren’t a pirate (even tought you stated you bought it, but whatever…)

Pirate. :frog:

It happened to me as well, you have to have Episode One in order to see the textures and hear the Zombine.

I think so… what a stupid thing…