Zombine Torso animations

^That’s the original thread for the LUA.

I was wondering (if possible) if someone could rig up the normal Zombie Torso animations and put them into the model for the Zombine Torso (for when it gets cut in half)

Is this possible or am I being an idiot again?


At the very least, could someone tell me if this is possible, or if they’re interested?

No one even knows if this is possible?

It’s possible to compile a Metrocop with Zombie animations, so why not this?

EDIT: Am I being too demanding with this?
I thought it’d be simple for anyone who knows what they’re doing :stuck_out_tongue:

Both these zombie torsos have slightly different bones. Though it’s insignificant while they have their legs, it would completely screw up if you applied the normal headcrab zombie torso animations to a zombine torso.

This man speaks the truth.


He’s saying he wants it rerigged to have the same skeleton as normal zombie torso.

Oh, I thought he said that was impossible.
But yeah, that’s what I want.

Also, nice avatar/post combo :lol:

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