Zombine Torso SNPC

I except (although I have no clue) that this’ll be a fairly simple script.

I was wondering if anyone would take the Zombie Torso NPC and replace the body with the Zombine Torso ragdoll, the fix the Headcrab back on, and hope it works >.<

I know using Model Manipulator you can do this, but it does the ‘Jesus’ pose and doesn’t have a headcrab. Can anyone fix this and make it spawnable via NPCs?

It does the T pose because there are no animations, someone would have to make them themselves. This would require a simple LUA script but with a new model with new animations, which I doubt anyone would do. I could be wrong though.

I don’t think it’d need a new model, but it would need new animations.

EDIT: Although if anyone knows how, couldn’t you rig up the normal Zombie Torso animations to it?

Yeah, have it spawn the original zombie torso at the position of the old one, and then have it set model to the correct zombine torso

As i’ve said, it has no animations.
I need someone to fix it up to use the Zombie Torso animations if this is gonna work :stuck_out_tongue:

I would make animations if i had a model editor for the mac

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all i have is VTFEdit

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thats only for .vtf files

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can someone send me a link to get a model edit app


You could use bone merge if it has the same bones,