Zombines Rising 3: A New Beginning Teaser Trailer


I updated the thread. Just wanted to let people know this project isen’t lost.

Also remember that the original idea of this was Kevaughashiu.

Zombines Rising 2 (BACKSTORY)


Zombines Rising 3 Trailer (Early Production, New trailer pending relaease)




Zombines Rising Episode 1 should be released today.(Today’s Date is August 10th, 2009). We’ve gotten alot done.

The first episode will be about 5 minutes long.
<DMgaina is voicing for us aswell :D>

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialHotWireFilms

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1:00 holy crap nice one!

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant holy* D:

Butt really, that is good.
Did you make that yourself or with others?

Here, I’ll post a little tutorial.

  1. Make what you want to break open. (IE. Combine doors)

  2. Weld those doors to a BREAKABLE OBJECT. (IE. A wooden box.) Do NOT weld the doors together.

  3. Unfreeze the doors but FREEZE the box.

  4. Place your dynamite near the box. When exploding, it will trigger the welds and the doors will become undone!

You might want to also place other explosions to make the doors fly farther. Try using Gbombs: TNT. That’s what I used.

Good luck!

Ah breakable, of course!

A good video and a lesson :smiley:

Someone who got a sneak peak to a diff clip hehehe.
I will say this movie will be epic, and nice.
Explains why falco1 has not posted a video in a while.

Thanks scout :slight_smile:

Holy fucking shit

That’ll be amazing

Not that great, The cameras were like Clover field and There were to many Npcs.

Ah if only we all had a lare group of actors and extras…

Bro that trailer was fucken nice!

But it could have been a little better in terms of neatness. If that makes any sense.

Looks Epic! Keep it up.

Heh, my friend made that map.

Thanks everyone for the comments!

To Llamalords…what do you want me to use? in-game actos? That doesn’t make a movie better… Although I agree, too many npc fights. That is simply because I haven’t gotten that far in the movie yet, and wanted to use footage that grabbed attention.

Although explain to me which scene were like cloverfield. I didn’t understand what you meant…cloverfield was a movie shot with a handheld camera perspective. Saying that to a third person movie is a dis D:

It’s a very nice map :slight_smile:

To Llama, Cloverfield was a movie that was meant to have a hand-held camera perspective. Saying that to a movie that’s not supposed to have a hand-held camera perspective doesn’t make sense.

Although I agree with the npc fight thing. But do you just expect me to use in-game actors all the time? The animations look horrible.

I ment its really shaky and stuff.

Hey, I don’t know but correct me if I’m wrong. I saw Rebels on there own because the Combine would attack them Vis Versa.

Maybe this would come in handy?

Ah cool, thanks HL

Thanks alot man! I was going to look for something like this when the need arised, but now I have it earlier.

Thanks again!