Zombines Rising 3 Part 1 FINALLY IT'S DONE


It’s finally out. After a ton of work, we finished it. Thank you EVERYONE for your support, and if your into machinima, KEEEEPPP GOINNGGG

Zombines Rising 2

Zombines Rising 3 Part 1

WOW this thread is unprofessional

Nice work.

Ow god… DMGaina giving bad news over the radio… one of the worst things to ever be heard over a broadcast…

Excelent work!

Could be a bit longer than just 5 minutes but eh.

really good work, very cinimatic. however i didnt like it that much, thats just my taste.
but im not questioning your skill as a director cause i know many will like this.

That’s alright darius, everybody has an opinion

Yeah I guess, but it was a large transition from alot of extremly bad machinimas that I did, and I made alot of stupid corrections that are even hardly seen in the video that took forever


Very good, a little bit of cheesy voice acting though

XD yay, it’s nice to see my work being continued.

That was really good nice job

Thanks guys for the comments.

I liked it keep up the good work, and may I ask what took so long to fix that no one noticed?

A ton of color correcting, messing with brightness and contrast, making sure every scene is perfect, ya know.

Cool. (wish I had ep2 so I could have zombines.)

u can get them on ep 1 too

Wish i had ep 1.

Hey, CommandoSanta here

We are going to start putting out more of these I hope. We will be working a ton the next couple of months.

Ya, ya. Commando is another member of HotWire.

It’s funny how no one talks to me about the film when you’re making it lol

Well I did PM you on youtube alot…I even sent you a link as to where you can view the introduction prior to release.

We are getting some good feedback on this film. Bob, I get back on Tuesday so we could start work then. But i also have another great idea for another machinima. Pm me we can talk about it. I also have 2 extras if we need them.

And I am not just “another member” Me and Bredirish founded the original film group. :slight_smile: With the hit failure that has taken us 3 years to get 10 min of crap, Contingency Plan. haha