Zombrex syringe from dead rising 2

Right now there is only a zombrex box prop at the moment.It would be good if someone could make Zombrex syringe.


Learn to model yourself, it’s a tiny model so it shouldn’t be too hard.

only they got is this

I tried ripping the syringe from the cutscene but it didn’t seem to be a complete model, I can try again when I get the time

Ok good Thanks Alot.

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Im really bad at modeling i haven’t even try it one time also.It looks like it needs alot of work to be done that i’m really not good at it.

You haven’t tried modelling and you’re saying you’re bad at it, your logic is flawed…

I have open 3d modeling software before.When the first time i open it.I don even know how to do this do that.

retexture l4d2’s adrenaline model

Nah, i just think his english is bad.

yeah that would work except the fact that it looks nothing like the zombrex needle.