~ZOMG's and Sphinxa's Super Awesome Machinima (Which we never made)

Started off last year after a thread de-railment, we all got unbanned and then ~ZOMG and myself started talking, then decided that we’d write a script for a Machinima we never made it or even made anything for it, but it’s a funny read, here goes:-

That was how far we got, pretty good I know, but from here we got really stuck and abandoned it, pretty fucked up we know, but I thought we might as well give Facepunch a little entertainment for a few minutes, anybody else have any failed Machinimas they gave up on?

Also, it belongs in the GMod discussion because we were going to make it with GMod.

I knew that this plan of yours would somehow resurface. :ohdear:

Ah you can remember it then :q:

Yep, most of you got banned. Was the derailed thread called: “The Bivium” or something like that?
Good luck anyway. :v:

The Bivium: Part 2