Zoo/Aquarium Pack

Some ragdolled animals I have requests for:
Hippo (rip location: Super Street Fighter IV)
White Tiger
Female Lion
Zebra (rip location: SSFIV)
Penguin (rip location: Endless Ocean BW)
Giraffe (rip location: SSFIV)
Orca (rip location: Endless Ocean BW)
Blue Whale (rip location: Endless Ocean BW)
Brown Bear (Has been done, but it’s way too small, is a nightmare to pose, and looks stiff) (Rip location: Red Dead Redemption)
Polar Bear (Has been done, but it’s a skin of the brown bear) (rip location: Endless Ocean BW) (Or reskin the Brown Bear)
Narwhal (rip location: Endless Ocean BW)
Buffalo (Rip location: Red Dead Redemption)
Octopus (rip location: Endless Ocean BW)
Manta Ray (rip location: Endless Ocean BW)
Elephant Seal (rip location: Endless Ocean BW)
Weddell Seal (rip location: Endless Ocean BW)
Walrus (rip location: Endless Ocean BW)

Any that I didn’t give a rip location to will probably be found in Wildlife Park 2, but they are going to be pretty low-quality and may need brushing up.

And more if you think of them.

I concur.

Needs more manatee/seacow though.

I might want to help you find ripping locations for these:

Elephant: Sonic Unleashed (Currently in development by Glaber. See my request thread for it at: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=894431)
Giraffe: Sonic Unleashed
Orca: Sonic Next (Currently in development by Link00y)
Blue Whale: Endless Ocean (I really want this one. The de_museum one is a dynamic prop and not to scale)


octopus, manta rays and dear would be much better

Added, except for deer. It was already made.





I say it needs a huge manatee.

I would enjoy having a spare walrus around GMod.

I’ll give the Rhino a go tomorrow afternoon.

Fellas, fellas, come on.

We need a squid model as well, how did you forget that?

Any animals would be good. A decent dog model perhaps? Haven’t seen one before.

Theres the german shepard one?

I have a rhino model on hand, if anyone wants it, high poly. Needs to be UV mapped.

Could you post a link? Really want a dog in gmod.

Someone needs to rip dogmeat from fallout 3. That could work.

Well the elephant is done atleast :smiley:

and I saw a hippo in the background of one of the SSFIV maps, which may be rip-able.