Zoom and Angles Mini-tutorial.

Made these for my friend.
Don’t expect anything to really teach you anything, I aint no god damn R M S 1 3 or




Zoom and angles are really the main things about a picture.

Examples of pictures that’s do not have that good of an angle or zoom.


Another point is to try and find a fitting map, as shown here, this would be a map more for CS:S characters rather than TF2 characters.
Also look at that big empty space in the middle of it, lovely(not).
… … …


A better angle could have Fucking MADE this picture.

But nope, the bad angle ruined it, too bad too because the lighting is alright and the better angle could have hid some of the posing errors.
… … …


Again, angle could have made this picture!
It would probably hid more posing errors, and people would probably be impressed with the posing of the zombies had they not been immediately bored by how it looked.

Examples of pictures that DO have good angles and zoom.


The combine has a knack for this shit, the angles get everything all nice and centered with barely a glaring wasted space.
… … …


And here’s an example of how an angle can change to fit what you want it too.

As soon as I saw this I INSTANTLY flashed back to Metal gear solid.
… … …


For as much of a stir this picture caused it did has a very good angle that made him seem very high in the air.

Sooo yeah.

Interesting stuff that’s already known only more detailed and described through a nice put together mini-tutorial.

Nicely done.


Good, now we’ll see less of the bad camera angles I hope.

I liked it, I’m guessing the tutorial was for Fort83?

Very useful.

I approve

No it was for Ubermensch.

Very useful tutorial.

Most good. Most good indeed.

Hey! You used my pose! :buddy:

Oh wait, that’s not a good thing. :C

As useful as this tutorial is, it’s very vague about what’s wrong with specific things.

I understand you’re not really a good teacher, but if I didn’t know anything about zooming or composition of background materials, I would be scratching my head right now.

Well that’s another thing, I don’t really know anything about composition, I just pose until it looks pleasing.

So I really couldn’t incorporate that into the tutorial in any way :S.

Guess I could go read wikipedia or something.

Did you ask for permission to those people that had bad angles? lol, it would be embarassing if that was me because this will probably get stickied or will be refered too lol. Nice tutorial otherwise, well written and well explained.

I doubt it.

A good tutorial, hopefully it will help alot of people.

Yea… I don’t really enjoy being used as someone to laugh at.

It isn’t being used for one to laugh at, it is being used for a learning purpose.

Yes, but I still rather not have my pose in there. As it is basically saying, Winnmp is a horrible example of a poser.

Take this tutorial and use it, then I guarantee you. Your pictures will improve a great deal.

No, it doesn’t. It just says that you didn’t do an angle right.

It doesn’t have anything to do with actual posing, it’s just a mistake. Improve yourself using this and make that picture null and void.

I never said I wouldnt, but the extra fact that Ehanced decided to insult me when I kindly Pm’ D him to remove it, is very rude.