ZP's Engine Powered Bulldozer

No, this is not a year old bumped thread. It’s “NEW” from December-2009!

Its a 10 cylinder swinger (called that because no “slapping” is involved) It’s all wire thrusters and rope and axis mofo’s! Just like in the good ol’ Days. The only wire components needed is a single E2 that acts as a gyro and an advanced input. All vehicle
movement is powered by the rotating engine crank.

Here is an example E2 code for the timing of a Slapper6 with identical timing on 2 slappers so only 3 different timings. The longer lines are used when the stroke needs to go passed 0 to achieve 180 degrees of power. Each thruster pushes and pulls. If you don’t like it change the -1 to 0.

@ZP's Engine Timing
@inputs Power
@outputs A B C Angle

Angle = entity():angles():roll()+180

A = ((Angle > 0) & (Angle < 180) ? -1 : 1) * Power

B = ((Angle > 120) & (Angle < 300) ? -1 : 1) * Power

C = ((Angle > 240) & (Angle < 360)|(Angle > 0) & (Angle < 60)  ? -1 : 1) * Power

The one on this dozer has 10 different lines timing each cylinder separately.

The engine is hooked almost directly to the wheels with physics. I had to use advanced ballsocket only to keep the size limitation I set, but everything else is strait shot mechanical linkage. Engine to gear reduction uses a driveshaft, then the gearing is attached to a weld latch double tranny and finally that tranny is ballsocketed to the ghosted 90Degree bevel gears for each wheels. Ghosted gears are just gears with stackered same gear inside with a 0.1 shift from the original. So instead of 2 gears, 2 axis and 1 set of collisions you get 4 gears, 4 axis and 4 sets of collisions which is much better for power handling gears. As proven in the video.

I get about a 4.3:1 reduction from engine to tracks.


The track design I cannot take credit for. Viktor (the awesome coder) came up with them a few months back. I was hesitant at first to switch from my 12 wheels of lag to it but it has great results, are stable and lag less then 4-5 wheels per side.

Weight on this thing is off the chizart. All major mechanical components are 15,000 weight. Every gear, the crank, the cages, the axles and the wheels are all 15K. The gears and crank are no-graved and so are all engine parts however. The tank tracks are 8 props per side and 2000 each prop with gravity.

The Plow is 3000 weight for the major non parented bits (~6 parts) and a 25K gravity weight on the central mount block. It moves up and down with the fake hydraulics in front. There are 8 Hydraulics, 4 per fake slider hydro. The plow weld latches when not being moved up and down.

My old wire scale fails at more then 50K so its useless, besides I need the viktor E2 that counts and adds all the props mass’ as well. I will make a new scale later to weigh this.

Video. Had some help with the video. Gambit, Stratic, Zild, Bishop, and Adobe(ragdolled in the skat video). They were nice enough to set things up for me to destroy and role-play AI assaults using my dozer as cover.

Video is 1920x1080 cropped for Youtube.
If your computer can handle it I suggest it.


Questions and Comments welcome. No you may not have a dup. no no no

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Really cool looking! I like anything engine powered. I especially like how you used an engine with treads!

I was there. Kind of boring. You see that track? It cannot drive it because it CANT MAKE TURNS! Shoulda been there.

Oh wow, an engine. I haven’t seen one of those in a while… This used to be a fad. Page after page of engines, and it was great. Nice bulldozer, by the way. Very well constructed, and those are some cool treds. Never seen it done like that before.

engines were cool until e2 came along. now they’re just too easy.

Who the hell cares?

Obviously not Karbine.

Engines are always cool but boring unless they powered something awesome. A lesson I learned and have been teaching for years.


Looking awesome, but can it actually turn by using its tracks? I looks like it doesn’t turn at all or turns with thrusters. Cool dozer nevertheless.

You do know that every time you post, you don’t need 2 plug something uve made

also -

“The track design I cannot take credit for. Viktor (the awesome coder) came up with them a few months back. I was hesitant at first to switch from my 12 wheels of lag to it but it has great results, are stable and lag less then 4-5 wheels per side.”


Legos anyone?

Damn, that’s powerful.

Yeah, I tought so too

it is :krad2:

I agree, there was a certain charm to having a cluster of chips, gyros and thrusters.

why is there a pic of mossman sucking a vorti-cock

also nice tractor, big and yellow

Fixed that bit for you

uh oh all this shit could’ve been done on E1 without a problem. The gyros and all you know?

Zeos Pantera is god.

You know what you should build next, ZP? An engine powered engine! YES.


I was going to do an Xhibit thing there but I think you can guess what I would’ve done anyway.


Oh wow I just watched the video. Those track designs and the engine power plus the bit when you were assaulting combines on the road gave me the idea that you should’ve really built a tank. Like an Abrhams M1A1 or something. Think about it for your next project, please.

cool shit, cept it looks like phx mess. functionwise, awesum, aesthetics; blargh. cool though.

give it some other material than the phx tiles and it’ll look alot better :smiley:

Whats that map? I really want it, and I cant find it :S