The maps for Zombie Panic are so horrible looking that I decided to make one that looks good as well as plays well.

I want to create a gmod version of this map and release it at the same time.

-3d skybox
-weather effects
-high level of detail
-3 defensible buildings (large house, a small house, and a warehouse)
-2 destroyed but enterable buildings
-good optimization
-eye candy readyroom

You and merry band misbegotten survivors have found this old
mansion out in the woods and use it to make a stand against the
dead. The main house is where most of the survivors live which
houses the security station, the power generator, and the living
space. The affectionately named Green House is where the food
is grown and harvested. The final building is the warehouse
where experiments and storage of most of the supplies are held.

[img_thumb]http://jaresart.com/zps_mansion0041.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://jaresart.com/zps_mansion0042.jpg[/img_thumb]
[img_thumb]http://jaresart.com/zps_mansion0043.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://jaresart.com/zps_mansion0044.jpg[/img_thumb]
[img_thumb]http://jaresart.com/zps_mansion0037.jpg[/img_thumb] [img_thumb]http://jaresart.com/zps_mansion0038.jpg[/img_thumb]

What would you like for the gmod version of this map???

Looks great

Yes. Like Hazard said, it looks great. I looked at the thread before but I didn’t want to post a reply because I didn’t really know what I’d change for a gmod version. I think it looks good as it is? Only thing is I’d match the fog colour with the 3d skybox’ one.

If you could get a server to host this, I would definitely play it.

I copy/pasted the numeric code for the fog colors but they still come out different in game…