as title said, these are zombies from ZPS. using Silverlan’s SLV Base. and re-animated by me. ( I hate that walking animation. )
and I am bad model compiler. so 2 zombies are have texture problem. If you hate this error, just don’t use it.

**Download Link:
** Main Files : http://www.mediafire.com/?35id28l41mbcm8x
SLV Base : http://www.gamefront.com/files/20965710/SLVBase_v1_5_rar

- Zombie Panic : Source
You have to mount ZPS for this. you can download it from steam MOD page. or just Enable ‘Game Content’ in ‘Extension’
I don’t think you can’t find this.

- Silverlan's SLV Base.
      You have to install SLV Base for this NPC. I'm so lazy to make my own npc base so i used this. this will not supports
      Possesor. It means, you can't control the zombies with possesor swep.

     You can download it from here - http://www.gamefront.com/files/20965710/SLVBase_v1_5_rar

** Silverlan - SLV Base
ZPS Dev Team - Models, sounds
Black tea(a.k.a rebel1324) - Animations, Coding.




Do not use korean reply in this site. this is english site. not korean site.

How Do you prone ? Is that included ?
Nice NPCs, but need to be a bit varied in the walking anims.

prone is not included. sorry but It won’t be a private script forever. when I fixed all of bugs. v:v:v
and yeah… default ZPS’s walk anim was good, but I couldn’t use it for this. so i made the animation.

I’ve used these for a little bit and i really like them, good job

finally zombies that dont use the default zombie animations well done excellent job

Looks really nice, but it would look even nicer if their animations were a bit randomised because they seem to look like they are all synchronised with this walking.

just remind Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’.

no dude it’s thriller

ok so where do i put the SLVBase after i finish down loading it?

Nice first post.

nice answering the question

not working

저가 영어를몰라서 한글답변으로하네요 이패치하면 방금처럼 님이 않을때 누워지나요? ’

Don’t post ’ it doesn’t work’. Do post ‘This is not working with ~~~ error’.

Do not use korean reply in this site. this is english site. not korean site. PLEASE.

Dude i cant see the zombies in my npc category

did you installed SLV Base?

Yeah i installed it