ZP's Train. Built in WireConstruct On Tricky's Build C


I spent 3 hours building her (I think). Then we send her down to the pits of wireconstruct never to return. Well not until Abernath tows me out 2 hours later.

I pretty much cracked the “how to build a working train” code with the handling of turns, wheel attachment with least fuss, etc. Zero derailments with the train until when being towed backwards I tried to assist abernath’s forcer powered grunt by putting my locomotive in reverse to “help” which was a bad idea.

Train Specs:

Max Speed:** 7.3 MPH (30,000 total thrust)

**Weight: **ESTIMATED at ~5,000 for all the trailer cars with re-weighted cargo and 4,750 for the locomotive. Almost 10,000 which isn’t THAT much but still.

Only a tiny expression on a wheel gyro to control sound and smoke timing.

Ventrillo and Server guest appearances by: Abernath (the tow truck man), Gambit (The lagging HoBo), Sherman(real name dave… lives in canada) and HarriPanda (The Angry Masochistic Lesbian Brit)

LQ Video:

NO DUP! Build your own or wait for the tutorial you leeches!

Great work as always! Have a goldie.

Holy mother of…


The front of the train is nice looking. Great job on the stacker.

This isn’t just epic, this is extremely epic, it’s really nicely made.

7.3 Mph seems pretty slow, but it looks great!

I can’t repeat how much i love you :slight_smile:

Some people believe in god…

I believe in…


You ARE my god. And i can’t believe you haven’t removed me from my friends list even though i guarantee you that you TOTALLY forgot who i am and how much we used to play together. But we are still <3 forever, even if you forgot.

Winner forever. You are a winner.

Absolutely fabulous. Gold star for you, sir!

Link to map?

It’s on on Garrysmod.org or any where in facepunch…

There’s a download link there.

Heh, my voice sounds retarded with my laptop mic. This thing was pretty epic to ride on. =D

That’s well done.

Very awesome!

WOW! that’s amazing, goldstar time i think :stuck_out_tongue:

please upload that somewhere i epically fail at wiremod

amazing,really great

you could build the same train without any wiremod… all WM is doing is the smoke, the sounds and thruster control. So live without smoke puffs, and sounds and just use regular thrusters.

creative i must say :smiley:

Pretty nice I have to say, however wouldn’t it be possible to use the wheels to move it?

Like having some random Prop somewhere on the train, which can spin on it’s own(a motor for example). This Motor is ballsocketed to every wheel on the Train.

For more grip you could use the physics properties tool I guess.

Somewhat like the clutch you did for your cars.

:open_mouth: Zeos made a train!!! =D!

Dates dude… :geno:

I swear, the next person that does such a bump, is getting a PM saying “Bump” over and over again.