My first map ever, made for Zombie Panic! Source.

Features a 2 Story Warehouse, a gang run hospital, an abandoned shack (formerly an ammo house for a gang), and a messed up storage house.

(That view is through the window, kind of messed up the picture)



From Filefront

Well, it is kinda good for a first map.
But it is blocky, your light is bad.

And that skybox, it looks like you have set a texture on the skybox. Not good…
It should be skybox 2d.

And too many random placed props, combine lights in a human hospital?

Random props is supposed to look like a trash field :v:


No idea how to do 2D skybox, please explain.

And I couldn’t find a ceiling light for the hospital :frown:

Use the ‘SKYBOX’ texture instead. Then change the skybox in ‘map properties’ to the night sky texture. That will give you a nice, smooth sky. Then you can go farther by making an actual ‘skybox’ with buildings and props to add to the scenery.

That’s “3D Skybox” I assume.

No 2D, look at the screenshots… There’s no skybox just brushes with sky textures on them by the look of it. Or it’s a really bad 2D Skybox.

Yea you can see where the textures meet.

At night, I used to scream and shout, livin’ in tha ghetto, tryin’ ta get the hell out