Wassup everyone!

This is my first map release and a more simple one as I work on my bigger maps. I thought Zombie RP is a little of a niche and really only one map runs on the servers running Zombie RP so I decided to make my own.

The map is based on building your own buildings and shops to not only sell items but to provide protection against the never ending zombie horde.

After all zombies have spawned there will be 80 zombies on the map. There are 10 spawn points and 8 live zombies per spawn point.

If you notice any bugs please point the out in this thread and if you don’t mind suggest a fix.

Updates to v1.3 (Latest Version)

  • 10 spawns, 8 zombies to spawn and 80 altogether.
  • Fixed Ramps and Brushes.
  • Changed textures on ramp to dark concrete.
  • Added ramps to roof of buildings.
  • Added support structures to underground facility.
  • Added On/Off button for zombies in the spawn and can be used by anyone.
  • Added trees to surround hills.

(Most Up To Date Version)(Version 1.3)

(Old Version)
http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=98424 (v1.2)
http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=98352 (v1.1)
http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=98336 (v1)

Original size pictures in download link.



Check some tutorials before making next map.

I plan to and I won’t be leaving this map this way. Really the point is to have people build structures and not to provide the structures for them to hide in. I do have some ideas to make it better and will keep working on it.

If you could suggest some tutorials that would be great.

It’s really empty…Fullbright too.
For some tutorials, Try http://www.editlife.net/, Or www.interlopers.net/

Remeber to read about “Lights” and “3D Skyboxes”, As these will improve the quality of your maps greatly.

Play around with Hammer, and Keep working on your mapping skills. It’s a very small start for you on your first map!

Thanks for the comments I’m working on fixing the lighting right now and once done will start on the skybox. Thanks for the advice!

I can see a really major issue. It looks boring. It’s not just that it contains no lighting, its dead flat. Needs interest in there. Even some hills around it would help.

About to release the 2nd version the lighting didn’t turn out right when I loaded it on Garry’s Mod but once I get it fixed it should look way better.

Nobody wants a 2nd version mate, make something different, look at other maps and see how they made it.

Uhhh yeah ok…

Glad your opinion represents the opinion of everyone on this website. The map isn’t just different lighting I’ve changed just about everything on the map.

If it represents the opinion of everyone, why you’re not listening then?

I think i may have just identified the problem with your mapping. You are not spending the time on a map. Good maps take time to make, i have no idea how long evocity took in the end, but from my own experience, i spend between 3-6 months on a map. As such, i have only released 4 proper maps since 2005.

Of course I know that and before jumping on my back about it why don’t you have a look at the updated version which I put more time into.

For the next version I plan on adding trees to the surrounding hills as I want this facility like place to look hidden and a 3D skybox to add to that affect. Also might take this facility underground maybe a lab like place or just a open area.

And the new version is marginally better, but now you have hit a texture problem. Using wall textures on floors is not recommended. Your idea is very overdone. It has very little theme or flow. Also, you have spent next to no time on the map.

Wow nice criticism and I doubt you have even loaded the map to check it out before saying such accusations. Sounds more like your defending your previous opinion and in all honesty if you think so low of it why do you continue to post?

How is my idea overdone? How many Zombie RP maps have you seen? What do you mean no time at all I have put over 5-6 hours straight into this map learning and fixing while I worked with it. FYI I’m not done working on it…

Wow…5-6 hours and you think it is ready for a release? I have now been mapping in various engines for over 5 years, i can tell from images what a map is like. You have used wall textures for the ground and you haven’t put much time into it. This “zombie rp” is nothing more than onslaught with a different name, and there are loads of onslaught maps out there.

Where are you getting your tutorials from anyway?

No dont stop it! I luv this map i n33d a v2!!!
this map is great

If your going to continue this conversation, or argument, either send me a private message or just stop as it has nothing to do with this thread or this map.

It has everything to do with the map. The problem is this…you are a new mapper. You look at the map with a bias view. My first released map was an abomination, but i broke free from that eventually. You are saying everything i have heard before every time i make a statement to a new mapper.

Two things that make a map is creativity and time. Skill plays a part, but skill is something that can always get better. Generally though, if you have a great idea, and put the time in, you will get a great map out. 5-6 hours is not enough for a release. Maps should be ready for release after about a week minimum.

Also, get yourself a tester or two to playtest that map and point out any areas where your map needs to improve. The most important thing there is to listen to them, and make something that incorporates the better ideas they have.

We have a rule on fp…never release your first map. I don’t agree with it at all. You should release the map that you think is good enough, but only if you can take onboard what other people are saying.

How immature are you guys? Dumb tags really?

Frankly, you’ve been rated dumb because you’re refusing to accept legitimate criticism from highly qualified sources. I’d say you’re the more immature one here, for getting angry instead of listening to valuable pointers. All the points made here are quite valid.