Zs krusty krab v4

This map gets stolen a lot and thought it would only be a matter of time before it shows up here as well. To prevent that, here is V4 of the Krusty Krab. Made by me, and only me.



Looking good, now we just need rp_bikini_bottom!

Looks nice, the textures feel true to the Spongebob style while still looking good in 3D. Though maybe you should round some corners are it looks a little blocky here and there. Otherwize, nice job!

No, this is Patrick.

Good looking map, looks true to the show, could prove useful for machinima. Good work.

Wow, very nice. Looks like the real thing.

If you’re talking about the models, I don’t have a model editor and really didn’t try too hard using propper.

I might cry.

Windows are more transparent in the cartoon series, looks nice though.

Is it underwater?

I’m sure it wouldn’t be, you’d drown :v:

In the cartoon, it appears as if they are not underwater most of the time, and they even have their own “underwater” lakes and stuff.

You should make this a Left 4 Dead 2 survival map.


Scavenge too.


Those lakes are full of goo though, which is obviously heavier than water.