Zs Objective Vertigo

I haven’t uploaded anything in over half a year, but, I’m back.
This is an objective map, built for Zombie Survival. It is officially my second and last Objective map made for zombie survival and the most popular one on the NoXiousNet server ever since its release. It is also the largest map on the server, requiring a full hour of progressive gameplay in order to complete it. It’s a pretty hefty map (about 90mb). But it’s also physically huge and the map’s filesize is as small as one could possibly make it.

Download: Moddb.com
Mirror: GameFront.com

Most things won’t work since you probably won’t be using the most up-to-date ZS version. Still, it’s a beautiful map and you might want to fly around it for fun.

The NoXiousNet server is probably the only place you’ll be able to play the map properly (

All music done within the map and the video is done by DrunkenOrc.

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Very nice. Like to see someone is putting a lot of time into a map

Very nice my good man.

That looks…massive. I’m almost afraid to put it on my computer.

Actually, just putting this out there: It looks like it could do well as a Left 4 Dead campaign. You ever consider converting it into that?

I see you put much details and rooms which is good.
Nice done!

Looks amazing, but I would prefer a “sandbox version” without the sequences and all that game mode related stuff and instead just and open map which could be used for posing and possibly building.

I did, that’s this

amazingly detailed ZS map with lots of effort put into.
unfortunately, like most good maps on Toybox, most servers don’t use this map a lot.
i did have some fun exploring the map though. great job.

Looks pretty nice, the lighting could use some work.

I’m no mapper, but I think it looks fine the way it is.

Very difficult to get around as nothing works without ZS, but it’s an amazing map and I’d love to see a non-zs version.

As I’d hate to see this map go to waste, you can now get ZS in its entirety: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1160198