zs they hunger v1

I based it on the the first episode of they hunger a half life 1 mod!

Its a town you gota survive the zombies are breaking there way through the countryside at an alarming rate, you were once a normal citizen who lived a everyday life worked ate slept, but now you are a survivor and they are comming for you…

You will have to work together to survive defend the town, turn it into a town, luck happens to be on your side as the zombies are outside the warehouse, the warehouse is defended well with strong doors, for a extra safety measure you bricked up the walls to the side of the warehouse to reinforce it against the zombies, but even that is temporary, your best bet of survival would be the pub if you could baricade yourself in there or the radio station you might be able to hold out till the dawn.

this map is only good on zs!


A pub!
A warehouse!
A courtyard!
A radio station!

and more…

you will need



open the .zip file and put the bsp into:

install to steam/steamapps/your account name/garry’s mod/garry’smod/maps


also the picture you see as the main logo is based on the they hunger themed it just looked nice in my opinion.

Bricked up side of the warehouse!


Radio station!


Main picture!


css needed!


Have fun!

v2 comming soon! my plans are to fix any more texture bugs ( if there are any ) make it into night not afternoon, add a police station and maybe
add some more detail to the map!

check out my friends work here!

add police station and i will love you.

and make the map more detailted

Yeah that was my plan.
its kinda just a rough version at the moment I just want to
get peoples ideas down of the what they want.

I only wish I could play it.

Do you think you could give me tips on creating a map?

Everyone has a different style of mapping just make a block think what you want
and attempt to manipulate blocks to what you want.

Also think of what gamemode its for and good features you might want.
for example my map dosen’t have any doors its a zs map the doors are removed
anyway why have them in the first place :smiley:

I’m currently working on v2 its nearly finished ;D. also it will be renamed to zs_town and a new thread its nearly finished and i hope to release it on Saturday :stuck_out_tongue:

First things first. GO TO THE MAPPING SECTION.
Secondly, an update doesnt deserve a new thread.