Zs town

This is v2 remade and updated map of they hunger. It has taken me some time to finish it of but its finnaly here. I’ve worked pretty hard on the map altogether.

Anyway lets find out what the map has.

Meduim sized out door area.
Many doors to baricade yourself in
lots of rooms to baricade yourself in
A police station
A radio station
A pub
A industrial building
A graveyard (2nd spawn)
A car park
A sewer

And the best to last… No escaping the map, even as a fast zombie!!

I will begin with some of the purposes of the map,Its mainly for ZS and works best on zs. However, its good for ragdoll posing and I’m sure for other things aswell (maybe even other garry’s mod zombie gamemodes.

I would like to thank the following people for helping making good suggestions.

Mr.Fail - Suggesting making other entrances to buildings (such as the cp, and I did.)

Tormod - Suggesting secret area.

Jon (me) - Making the map (lol)

download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=92072

Thats all really. I have this map running on the zs GH server. (our clan) We own 3 other servers (3rd one being set up)


GH forums: www.gaminghavenforum.co.nr

Report any bugs you encounter aswell as any suggestions you might have.

Blocky, no use of tools
odraw, horrible fog.

Such a creative name.

Did you play the map or just look at my fail screenshots?

Is this a remade from They Hunger? or just inspired by it?

Because it hardly looks like the maps from SVENCOOP - They Hunger.

Well v1 was based of they hunger (not the sven coop version, the original half life mod they hunger!)

Lolerwutz ir in teh creditz0r!!!1!!one!! :smiley: winrar

Post some pictures of it.

Have a look at the download it has screenshots there. However I fail at screenshots so download the map and have a look.

Just post some pics here.

It’s not hard.