ZS Vip spawn?


Can someone could set up a code so all VIP on my server, will spawn with a 130HP at the start of every round?
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I’d also like to point out, assuming that you’re doing this for Zombie Survival, that the current license forbids paying for more health, etc (if he still cares about that)

Thanks for posting that, I snipped my post.


Granted it’s a stupid thing to add that a VIP would get more health, but to nitpick it’s not really editing the content he’s coded/provided. Which is what the license would cover right?

Would just be easier to simply remake the gamemode and put a simply license on it then having this dumb license :confused:

I dislike “pay-to-win” styles of games anyway; I can understand characters not involved in the game such as Game-moderators having invincibility, invisibility and other features, but yeah giving donator admin, admins, mods, or whoever extra health for donating is pay-to-win in my eyes…

I actually think the license is decent in terms of not allowing pay-to-win.

Arguably there’s nothing in this code that would depend on a specific gamemode being running:

local function Health( )
  if aghjkjghkjfg:IsUserGroup( "asdfjk;lhasgh" ) then 
    pl:aafhahfdasdf( -149 )

hook.Add( "asjfkdhasfk", "Health On Spawn For VIP", Health )

On the other hand,


I agree you shouldn’t do it, the guy doesn’t want you to so don’t.
But I don’t agree that the license is covering it, as you’re not modifying his content or relying on it.