[Removed] Shoprite doors
[Added] Parking Lot near movies
[Added] opening for new zombie spawn inside shoprite warehouse
[fixed] some missing textures

Whats New In Verizon V4?
[Added] More Props to make other rooms in the mall barricadable
[Fixed] Some spawns regarding zombies and humans
[ADDED] New building near bestbuy
V5 is here and heres the change log
[Added] Shoprite Supermarket
[Removed] some func_breakable glass’s or increased health for some such as wachovia
[Fixed] most stores by adding more props and making more like the store
[added] sleepys store in beta though not done
[added] more store names to help identify store such as security office has the name security
[added] more logos around the mall
[added] a bar called bar xyz near arby
[added] more sky lighting right above bestbuy
link is below
Universal Map: Can be used as RP if user desires,

Random building map,zombie map or whatever you desire
Whats In V5b
New Building added Bar
More Props added to different stores to give it custom real life store feel
Apple Store updated sligtly
Bestbuy store lights updated and props
More Ads and some overhall to the right side
Link is below
Check above
Whats in plan for the future?
Im thinking of adding a bar, another name brand store
maybe a random store name “Junk 4 You”
–Possibly make it RP map for rp players
–Also taking suggestions for other stores or anything regarding map

Lots more, please upload this version to your server instead of v3,
**Download Links **








Old Map What it used to be

The light is very uniform. Some areas having light but no light source, others have loads of light sources, and seemingly too much light. It looks a but to unnatural. You have skylights, which would be a good way to introduce natural lights sahdes, but you have made it night outside, negating that effect.

You have custom textures for the billboards, but are using brush based letters for your signs. Textures should be used over brushes.

There are a lot of crates around, with no real reason behind it. Windows lack frames and use a combine glass texture. Textures haven’t been aligned sensibly, a horizontal grain on the wooden desks would look better.

And thats going from the single image you have provided. When releasing a map, you should have lots of images of different areas, and be running the game on the highest settings you can.

I 'v mapped maps for awhile, and yet lighting is the hardest thing to fix getting to work just right and not to be 2 bright. further down the road I will add more lights, and capture sky box light? that wouldn’t be enough to light anything.

Lastly this picture a little outdated like I said, I couldn’t get a more modern picture cause my print screen button does not work.

One more thing, filling a mall is hard to do with props, since your limited to only certain number of props, and halflife 2 props were not made for malls, so i occupy crates here and there to represent its a new mall not even open

Appreciate your criticism

All of that from one screenshot.

Holy shit, that’s amazing.

If you press f12, you can use steam to take screenshots and then upload them to the servers and show them on here.

i remember beta testing an early version of this map, does it still have the boxroom behind the trashcan?

nope that was removed because people didnt like it :frowning: i liked it though

UPDATE new pictures and video

You don’t seem to have done much to the map. The gap sign looks dodgy, like you have used the gap image on the sides as well. I’ll give you a full break down of the map when it finishes downloading.

There is no atmospheric sound. Consider having a light music background track, something gentle. Shops sometimes play their own music, like game might have a game radio station, and hmv plays tracks from new releases.

Now for the list:

Apple Store:
The apple store stuff was the first to hit me. Apple stores usually use clean white desks and walls. Walking into an apple store, you get the sense of space through tidiness. The apple store stuff you do have feels dark and opressive. Also, the big apple sign is stretched.


In the apple store, you have a pointless room with a sofa in it, and a counter that is too high for the player.

Outside, there is a healthpoint, with a door next to it into a room. The door does not open.

The entrance is boarded up, but has a convenient gap underneath. The boards are not breakable. Inside are some chairs, and tv’s and boxes. There is no real indication as to what was sold here. There is no purpose for the room as a consequence. The glass is combine…try to avoid using combine metals or glass in human settings as it looks wrong.

What does this shop sell. You have melon and milk at the front of the store, changing rooms at the back, a picture of a woman on the wall, and no mechendise. Again, combine textures in use. As above, there is no reason to want to go to this store, as the purpose is not clear.

Wow…some boots. Shame the store front is exactly the same as Zo…i mean, it’s obvious you cloned it. Same boards (immortal), same combine textures. Everything in the store looks placed, down to the cardboard boxes in the store room.

The phone booth looks opressive, as does that place with the cookers in. The brush based doors don’t look like a shopping centres. The corridors have too much obvious cast light from way too many light sources. I am basing my ideas off the standard british shopping centre…looks like so:


The walls are white, the floor is polished. The roof is glass, and lights are hidden away, so as to ensure light is cast, but the source isn’t obvious.

Shall we proceed?

I think so.

There are crates placed in the centre of the corridors…why?

The top of the toilets sign is cut off.
There is blood on the walls and ceiling…why?
Doors to the stalls don’t open.
Urinals are brush based and look bad.
Combine textures used on the stalls.

Books store:
Bookshelves can be moved by walking into them.
Blood on the wall…why?
Brush based sign, looks bad.

Not too bad. Apart from the light entities casting a glare on the ceiling, with no light source.

First clothes shop i have seem to sell 4x2 planks of wood.

La Cloth:
Appears to only sell boots and barrels…

Aha…doors…that look out and i can see the bottom of the skybox. Even if you aren’t going to let the player out of the centre, build buildings around the windows and doors to imitate a world outside.

Empty shop. No branding, has an odd room with pidgeon holes and a glass window in the wall of the box room…

Box office: More combine textures.
Inside the cinema:
Desk with thing that looks like it might open…it doesn’t.
The player can move the vending machine by walking into it.
I didn’t know times had got so hard that cinema’s used train seats.

Counter- too high to jump overw ithout using a chair. Can’t get round to the gap in the side as you haven’t left enough room between the counter and the wall.
Finally some music…in the kitchen.
Walls of the freezer are the vent textures. And it doesn’t look like a freezer. I only call it a freezer because a kitchen should have one to store meat. Yours has no door, making it a poor freezer.
Again, more random crates, more combine glass.
Brush based awnings…hmm…there are some in the models for hl2. Oh, and i can move the vending machine in there too by walking into it.

Gamestop: More boads, more combine, no stock.
Erm…loosk like a surf shop. Sign is too blurry to read, but there are brush based snowboards inside. Again, see above for all other shops.
Gap sign uses same textures on the sides of the sign. Fix it.
All the shops are the same really. Combine textures and no stock. Some textures look out of place (like the teamwork motivantional), and you evidentaly don’t want anyone opening anything that looks like a door, because they don’t move.

My suspicion is that you haven’t actually tested the map, or i wouldn’t have found as much as i did. And i got bored at the end, so skimmed the shops.

I really appreciated what you told me, I will def change alot of stuff to make it better, please don’t forget I made this map with a mall feeling, plus zombie barricade map…another note: like i said earlier its quite hard to make a mall map to have store like items( items the store would sell that the user can implie O they sell shoes) and barricade with those items without making kinda unrealistic, custom props would be nice but might make the download size of the map extremely bigger.

There aren’t much props that I can say will fit in some of the stores, does that mean I want to remove the store because the name doesn’t fit the items in the store? not quite

Xpress: there are no clothing props so other than that I would have to find some type of substitute.
Apple Store: I do agree this oppressive looking ugly store has to change to more appealing store.
Zo and Boot Barn: I also agree this part of the map is quite unattractive, the most attractive part of the map for users seems to be electro area. I am not quite sure how to make it better, my ideas might consist of
:different structure for those stores
:different lighting, since the lighting makes it unappealing to users I believe.
No-Name Stores- ran out of ideas for names of stores or what can possible be that store, what can it sell etc…

I am surprised you didn’t say anything about the food court.

Final Note: I will take everything you said into consideration when I start updating more and more, I usually press the community for ideas because sometimes I just run out of ideas to what should really be in what store, what can really make it better, etc, yet I didn’t get much back, dont know why.
If I had someone to play test my map I think I could make it much better sooner.
Play testers wanted
Music: I have sound near arby’s restaurant, do you think that sound should play throughout the entire map or just in particular stores

My Goal: To make every store look so good that anyone would choose that store to barricade or simply appreciate how nice the store really looks
Thanks for the feedback !

Nowadays, everyone has a broadband connection, negating the effects that a map weighing in at 50mg would cause. Even so, l4d props have been ported into ep2 source, look at using those perhaps.

I actually forgot about the food court, mostly by the end i was getting bored with finding issues.

Look at how shopping centres have been put together, their use of light and space to create an area which is designed for shoppers to enjoy their experience.

Use textures appropriatly, avoid using silly textures. If there is a zombie outbreak, signs would be matter of fact…go here, do this. They would not be humerous, they would not use lots of words, they would be straightforward and matter of fact. Don’t use lots of blood, in fact, avoid using any at all.

If you can create an environment that looks safe and realistic, yet has small hints that things are not as they seem, the area will feel more real. A poster from the cdc on a wall, a radio emitting a S.O.S loop, a crashed ambulance outside a window or the doors.

looking for someone to play test v5

I can do it…

add me on steam waterpyro

Okay accept it

snip Nvm. I was wrong

I need someone to help me test for ideas if I should build a second floor or not and what else should i add

If you have made substantial alterations with the things i pointed out, then you can throw it over to me to test again.

V 5 is here check it out

How your lights are made:

  • generic “light” entity.


How they should look:

  • light_spot with 90 degree outer cone and 40 inner cone.
  • point_spotlight with 192 length and 64 width and no dynamic light.


Ambient light version:

  • generic “light” entity set to 25 brightness.
  • light_spot with 90 degree outer cone and 40 inner cone.
  • point_spotlight with 192 length and 64 width and no dynamic light.