A group of humans have decided to hold up in the small isolated town of Dryfield, Nevada.

Hold up inside the general store, numerous motel rooms, diner and underground. There are plenty of places to survive the zombie apocalypse and plenty of secrets to explore!

This map requires Counter-Strike: Source and is designed for Zombie Surival.



zs_dryfield_v1 is a remake of Dryfield from the classic 1999 PS2 game Parasite Eve 2 developed by SquareSoft.

I know this map isn’t perfect, but I will continue to improve upon it as time progresses.

Credits go to Squaresoft for the sound used and inspiration for this remake.

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Direct Link:
Note: All of the sounds and materials are packed into the .bsp so all that needs to be done is to plop it in your maps folder!

mm really captures the region well, cool!

possible to get a direct download?

Here you go :slight_smile:

All of the sounds and materials are packed into this bsp so all that needs to be done is to plop it in your maps folder!

awesome! thank you! i should be good to just bzip it and put it on my fastdl then right?

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oh also, if its possible can you message me on steam? iamjudd is my username

Should be able to!

Any particular reason? lol

no need for what was here now

is there a version without the music?

Not currently however if you just open the console and type “stopsound” then it stops the sound :slight_smile:

This map is amazing dude.

Dryfield was always my favorite part of Parasite Eve II and as soon as I saw this, I flipped shit. Everything is perfect and the inclusion of the Mine was the icing on the cake. The only issue I have with it is the van parked in the spot where Aya’s car should be. I’m not sure if I’m missing something but I can’t move it at all.

Are you maybe going to do some other PEII locations? I’d love to have a little MIST HQ with the garage and firing range.