-made the house look less boxy and more round outside
-made all physbox props super lightweight so user can pick up anything

  • added basement
    -fixed brush displacement
    -night only for now day stilll has 2 compile
    -removed 89% of half life 2 props to make my own props

Family guy Day OR NIGHT you pick

anyways this is something new that you can add to the server since no maps haven’t really been coming onto it.

Notes: This map is accurate as it could possible be, since its a cartoon room dimesions are always changing, and not only that but so are the colors and so forth.
Here the the map you pick what verison you want to play day or night one, I think the night looks better but I leave the choice up 2 you

I will say this once more, to actually depict the cartoon house of family guy the rooms upstairs would be nearly impossible to match the floor downstairs… i didn’t have enough room to make meg’s room so she has a closet only

Props: were very hard to Incorporated to make it still family guy and what not…so most of the brushes, or tables are physbox which are moveable and nailable.
Issues? let me know






Download Links

I love how simplistic and textureless this map is.

The living room looks awfully empty.

havent you played the map yet?
I havent got a a chance to upload modern screenshots

…“modern” screenshots?

Also Family Guy sucks and it’s only still alive because of 13 year olds who think it’s still funny.

In fact, I just did.

It needs a lot of work.

Then don’t release a map till you have the best screenshots you can take.

I just played through it. There are hl2 props everywhere, and everything is out of proportion. It didn’t look like the house at all. Keep working on it.

how so, the only props there is 5 light props, 4 boxes in basement, and bushes outside…did you prefer i make them out of brushes…??

didn’t look like the house eh??? check above for the actually house. If I was to indeed make the house like the picture you wouldn’t be able to actually have any room on the second floor to do anything. In addition, this is a cartoon colors are constantly changing rooms look wider than normal some episodes and good example is the kitchen, in one picture i referenced the stove and fridge were own one side with the sink under the window in another episode the window was just in the middle of nowhere…

3ds max of the actually cramped house above

Why not, you have made all the other content out of brushes.

You also appear to be missing the roof windows and the extension to the side.

It looks like you put a lot of work into it, I’ll give you that, but this is hardly a replica, proportions are off horribly. Regardless of whether it’s based off of a cartoon, you should still have everything proportioned relative to the player. And why you would add realistic looking hl2 props to a cartoon based map is beyond me. But there’s some potential, I’d say scrap this one, start from scratch with a floor plan and make an even better map.

i understand what your saying, but I don’t think alot of people understand making a cartoon show proportional to a player would be the most cramp thing ever. So I made it modified so you can actually go upstairs and have a couple of players at least instead of possible 4 people in a room max… plus the show doesn’t really have any dimensions that make sense. Alot of times things are changing rooms are randomly appearing…etc
check this out

how about not porting the house to Source in the first place then

I really don’t care, it doesn’t have to be accurate by the show, it just has to be a good map, case and point.

I like it.

However people need to get over the fact that it is a family guy map, you aren’t supposed to watch the damn show. You are supposed to shoot people in the same set as the show.

It doesn’t look like it that much. The roof extends over the front of the house in the image, the walls look flat, and mostly everything is grouped physboxes

Your map is incredibly bland and the proportions are all messed up.

Dont blame it because its a cartoon because this did a fine job for a map based off a cartoon, and this looks incredibly good and its from cs 1.6, its not the cartoon that makes the scaling and proportions bad, you just didnt get them right, its hard to get sizing to work well but try and figure it out and it will make a map a lot better.

The best way to do this is use the info_player_start as a scale for everything, even use the camera and place yourself in the head at eye level to get a feel for how the map looks from the players point of view, makes scaling much easier to do.