Current version: “_v3” (Version 3!)


*Version 3:

-All closed windows are now unbreakable.
-Using the above I created some new appropriate barricade spots.

-Removed lots of unnecessary small props which should improve performance drastically.
-Decreased fade distance on some props.
-Added areaportals to basement.
-Added occluders. *

*Version 2:

-Added 2 windows to small attic so its no longer an easy spot.
-Added a hole to the ground floor bathroom. It wasn’t an easy spot to begin with but humans usually went there and got killed. Now its no longer a usable spot.

-Added window frames and shutters so the outside walls should no longer appear flat.
-Increased light brightness in various places (lamps now have double brightness).
-Retextured some areas to use default HL2 textures. (Pool, bathroom.)
-Built simple cubemaps. (To save on filesize I only used one carefully placed cubemap.)
-Fixed pool water edges. (This wasn’t very noticeable.)

-Added a somewhat shitty wind soundscape so the map is no longer totally quiet.

-Did some serious lightmap optimization. I forgot to do this for V1.
-Improved prop fade distance settings.
-Added occluders to hopefully improve FPS at certain angles.
-Slightly lowered filesize. *

**Description: **
Can the humans survive the zombie apocalypse in this once beautiful old mansion?
The classic ZS house map reinvented. Includes a basement 2 attics and many rooms. Every part of the map has been carefully balanced, so no, this isn’t a easy map. Created by a longtime ZS player for ZS, this map will force the humans to think quickly and creatively if they want to win.

The map is well optimized using both visual optimization, occluders and prop fade. Everyone who tested it reported no framerate issues. But if you notice any slowdowns or other issues please report them in full detail.

.bsp 17,5MB
Spawns: 48 (humans) + 4 (redeemed humans) + 36 (zombie) + 1 (boss zombie)


Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=428782656
MEGA: https://mega.co.nz/#!fxwG1Ijb **key:**VFjuB3Yt6l9ZtTnqwyY0on6ZYzh33ZcOYyILDZVR8sE

! Extract the .bsp and place it in your USERNAME/common/garrysmod/garrysmod/maps/ folder.

*I, Grenade Man aka. leon.ladisic on steam am the author of this map.
This map will be uploaded to the workshop by Resi who has the right to redistribute the map and file infringement complaints in the authors name.

If you are not one of the 2 people listed above you are forbidden from redistributing (uploading to various sites) and editing (by decompiling) this map under all circumstances. A exception can be made here if you ask for my permission and I add you to the list above. You are however free to promote the map on forums and websites if you give credits to the author and provide OFFICIAL DOWNLOAD MIRRORS (the ones posted in this thread). You are also, of course, allowed to use this map on your servers (But i would prefer if you used the regularly updated workshop mirror.).*

Map updated. Feel free to download it now.

Looks really nice. Haven’t seen any good zs maps in a while.

Is there a reason there’s a beer bottle in the skybox? :v:

Is that supposed to be an easter egg or a left over from the joke you made with the dead guy in the truck and the beer bottles?

Pretty much both. How did you even notice that?

It can be seen between these trees, but i actually saw it while no clipping around the map and realized i could stand on top of the invisible barrier in the sky

The map has been updated to V2! This is probably the final version.

OP also updated with new pics links and a changelog.

I feel some inspiration came from Tellale’s The Walking dead. Graphical design looks similar to the farm on Episode 2.

It is full HDR?

I unfortunately never played TWD. However looking at some screenshots I can see they are pretty similar. So I guess its just a coincidence.

Yeah, it is. HDR lighting is simply too beautiful to throw away.

The only thing that really bugs me is the lack of detail sprites on the grass, and the repeating grass texture. But other than that it is a stellar looking map.

Another user uploaded this map when it was on the _r version, despite you saying you didn’t want this workshopped, back when you initially released this map.
“This map wont be uploaded to the workshop. You are also prohibited from releasing it on the workshop and if you do I will have it taken down”

I uploaded version 3, with your permission (as updated in OP), I have posted comments to request Alpha Wolf to take his addon down, along with linking this thread, but he refuses to listen and deletes my comments.
I’ve reported it too, and nothing is happening.

Edit: Problem solved, it is now removed.