zs_last_mansion_v3 spawn item for murder

Hi all!

One question, someone know how can I add some spawn for some item on map zs_last_mansion on murder gamemode ?

My map is empty of item and I don’t know why …


In the gamemode it has a file called commands.txt, this will tell you how to create the spawns for your map profile.

	mu_spawn_add spawns - Adds a spawn at your current position
	mu_spawn_list spawns - Lists all spawns
	mu_spawn_remove spawns <key> - Removes the spawn with the specified key
	mu_spawn_closest spawns - Lists the closest spawn

	mu_loot_add <model> - Adds a loot spawn where you are looking, use "random" as the model to create a spawn with a random model
	mu_loot_list - Lists all loot spawns
	mu_loot_closest - Lists closest loot spawn
	mu_loot_remove - Removes loot spawn with specified id
	mu_loot_adjustpos - Sets the loot spawn position to the current position of the loot object you are looking at 
	mu_loot_respawn - Respawns all loot
	mu_loot_models_list - Lists all model aliases, these can be used instead of model filenames in mu_loot_add

	mu_taunt <category> - Plays a random taunt sound
	mu_jointeam <team> - Trys to join the specified team
	mu_print_players - Prints all the players, there bystander names and steam ids
	mu_admin_panel - Brings up an admin panel where you can view information

	mu_debug <0/1> - Shows debug information
	mu_footstep_maxlifetime <numberOfSecond> - The number of seconds footsteps should last for, caps at 30
	mu_bystandername_words <num> - Number of words to generate for bystander name
	mu_murder_weight_multiplier <num> - Multiplier for the weight of the murderer chance
	mu_scoreboard_show_admins <0/1> - Should show admins on scoreboard
	mu_show_bystander_tks <0/1> - Should show name of killer in chat on a bystander team kill
	mu_allow_admin_panel <0/1> - Should allow admins to use mu_admin_panel
	mu_tk_penalty_time <time> - Time (in seconds) for a bystander to be penalised for a team kill
	mu_murderer_fogtime <time> - Time (in seconds) it takes for a Murderer to show fog for no kills, 0 to disable
	mu_localchat <0/1> - Local chat, when enabled only nearby players can hear other players
	mu_localchat_range <distance> - The range at which you can hear other players, default 550
	mu_disguise <0/1> - Whether the murderer can disguise as dead players
	mu_disguise_removeonkill <0/1> - Remove the murderer's disguise when he kills someone
	mu_moveafktospectator <0/1> - Should we move AFK players to spectator on round end
	mu_roundlimit <number> - Number of rounds we should play before map change