Just read the description in the link.



Not bad, a bit blocky here and there but it’s okay.

Smooth some more edges and the epicness will ensue.

Looks really good. Nice mood and lighting

Nice, add a little smoothing here and there and you’ve got yourself a good map.

It looks nice I like the hl2 style you used

I think it would be better if it was darker and you used a different skybox. But thats just me, I see zombie maps that are dark tbh.

Those buildings look like carbon copies of the HL2 coastal buildings. So for all those people calling it blocky… You are calling valve blocky.

Those lights look a little harsh, but it looks good.

Valve’s buildings are kind of blocky, but they did amazing things while being blocky. Not all houses are curved anyway.

Edit: Not to mention hl2 was made in 2004, which we did not have the technology of today.

Looking good Stelk. :stuck_out_tongue: