zs_Name_Undefined (Zombie Survival)

Here is my map (it should be similar to Ravenholm):

The thumbnails are very dark, but the real screenshot shows a really well-done mountain village! lol


Place many advantage points for the ZombIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEES and don’t make single-rooms an advantage for survivors, because then it’s just a “May as well fucking wait as they’re just gonna shoot our asses off in one nanosecond anyway.”

crosshair 0 in console, just a tip for your screenshots

what does that command do?

Edit: LOL don’t rate this post dumb, I am italian and I didn’t know what does “crosshair” meant…

Judging by the name, turns the + sign in the middle of your screen off.

Kinda small…

People always say me that I make small maps, but my first goal is to reach a very good level of detail and graphics… lol

And with detail, I mean also things like this… a car with working alarm sound from Left 4 Dead…